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  • How do I contact LionHeart Association Management?
    E-mail: from the "Contact Us" page on this website
    Call:  918-401-0332
    Fax:  918-279-7183
    Mail:  LionHeart Association Management
             2608 West Kenosha #385
             Broken Arrow, OK  74012
  • How do I find a copy of my association's covenants or by-laws?
    If LionHeart manages your association, you may log in through the Associations link with the username and password for your association. You will then have access to your associations covenants, by-laws, plats and website (if applicable).
    *If you do not know the username and password, please contact your Board who can provide that information to you.
  • How many associations do you manage?
    Currently, we are partnering over 20 Homeowner's Associations. To inquire about our services further or to request a meeting, please contact us through our form here.
  • What is a Homeowner's Association Management Company?
    The Management Company acts as a "managing agent" for the Association. It is a company that is engaged by the Board of Directors. The Management Company may care for the everyday operation of the Association. It implements the policies and decisions as the Board of Directors determines.
  • What is the Management Company's authority?
    The Management Company has no authority except as conferred by the Board of Directors. The Management Company does not have the authority to make decisions. It's function is to implement the decisions of the Board.
  • What kind of services do you provide?
    Our services are listed in the Documents section of the website. Services performed can be specifically contracted by the Board for each Association's applicable needs.
  • Why do I have to pay Association fees?
    All homeowners within your neighborhood association are required to pay Association Fees by the governing documents of their Association. The fees may be due annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. These funds contribute to the operation and maintenance of the neighborhood property and are used to provide services for the benefit of all homeowners.
  • Why does my association have a "Board"?
    The "Board" is actually a Board of Directors elected by the homeowners, unless otherwise stated in the by-laws. The Homeowner's Association is actually a non-profit corporation. This type of corporation requires a governing body to oversee its business. The limitations and restrictions of the powers of the Board of Directors is outlined in the Articles of Incorporation for your Homeowner's Association.